Background Information

Circumstances have changed and we will have to transition into a more detached society for the time being. Going back to work faces a couple of challenges, which we have to support and make comfortable for the employees in your offices. Our key focus points are flexibility, hygiene, distance and workplace-ethics. Offering a solution for these four points will provide you with a happy, healthy and productive employee from which we can build a better company performance under COVID-19 circumstances.

Caterwings wants to support its customers where possible and needed in a new food solution at your office. This proposal takes into consideration a different approach for a lunch solution than what we offered before. From a buffet-style lunch we will move to a grab&go style in the office with pre-packed meals, for a sharperprice, using a more diverse selection of caterers, whom have been instructed carefully. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to gradually move back to the old situation when things ease down.

In a new situation under COVID-19 circumstances

  • People: A more distant workplace where people eat remotely
  • Food: New combination of pre-packed meals, sides, snacks from different caterers
  • Operations: A more extensive grab&go solution with high-level safety measures
  • Finance: Different prices for food with different items, tailored to budget
  • Technology: A more flexible and transparent ordering process tailored to need

Delivery & Pick-up

  • Updated and more detailed delivery instructions
  • Pre-delivery communication with POC contact for discussing delivery details
  • Food is locally sourced from restaurants & caterers in the neighbourhood
  • No-touch delivery, careful and safe drop off at designated area
  • Same-day cleaning and pick-up for hygiene reasons  

People & Workplace

  • Working shifts (e.g. 2 shifts per day) where half of the workforce works the first half of the day, and the second group the second half of the day
  • Work from home: Half of the staff at the office, the other half working from home
  • Workplace: 1.5 meter between each colleague (1-2-1 desk formation)
  • Workplace:having protective materials on/between the desks
  • Workplace:increased cleaning policy 3 x per day
  • Communication:Clear communication protocols to the employee (slack, email, etc)
  • Food is consumed at the workplace or designated lunch area

Food & Packaging

  • Individually packed instead of fresh buffet - Grab & go concept
  • Develop lunch bag / box with colours (use e.g. coloured coins)
  • Soup, salad, sandwich packed separately in coolers
  • Less variation, more standardization of menu’s
  • Maintain pop-up restaurants meals, but packed individually
  • Use trays for carrying around the meal, disposables and sides

Operations & Materials

  • Rowformation: indicate 1.5 meters distance on the ground with clear walking route
  • Shortened opening / food collection times to decrease human interaction
  • Open up to 10 Pax at a time per buffet / pickup point
  • Professional microwaves, refrigeration, worktables and dispensers
  • Disposable forks, knives, plates, napkins available
  • Hygiene stations with disinfectant gel, tissues and cleaning spray
  • Waste bins and other form of waste stations (more hygienic)

Optional: Service employee to clean and re-stock meals, snacks & fruit


  • Paperform ordering sheet send per week
  • Menu the be sent weekly per email
  • Slack channel integration for communication about lunch
  • Clear tracking of consumption & expenditures
  • Optional vending machines with snacks and utensils
  • Touchless ordering with pickup points in the office
  • Improved feedback and communication tools

Food Trends in 2020

  • Healthify. We are more concerned than ever with our health. Obesity is a risk factor. More than ever, food is medicine. This trend is only intensified.
  • Plantbased. The source of the coronavirus can be traced back to animals and their sale and consumption. We are going to raise even more questions about industrial livestock farming and meat consumption. Less meat means fewer hygiene questions.
  • Circularity. The increased hygiene puts pressure on sustainability. Fast casual concepts are going to use more disposables, and the higher costs of circular and sustainable alternatives are now very bad. Affordable sustainability is more important than ever.
  • Delivery. Everyone should start thinking about delivery. If only for the financial resilience and diversification of income flows. Dark Kitchens - concepts without a front of house - are going to grow but have to do their best to earn the trust of consumers.
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